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Career: I used AI to create new headshots. Let me tell you how it went.

Updated: May 10, 2023

Turn selfies into professional AI Headshots.

I was inspired by Allie K. Miller's post on how she created new headshots with the help of AI. She has over +1.4 million followers and is a LinkedIn Top Voice in Technology and Innovation.

I did my own experiment - here's how it went:

Tip #1 - What you'll learn.

📷 there are several platforms that create AI avatars & headshots, I used Remini, Facetune and TryItOn AI 📷 it costs $2.99 - $17 for 100 photos 📷 you specify your gender and upload 10-20 photos of yourself, I did 17 📷 you select what style or styles of photos you want, like Hollywood or casual studio 📷 it takes 20m - 3 business days to get your headshots back 📷 5-10% of the photos look enough like me, the remaining have weird AI errors (weird noses, different hairline, exaggerated features, different body or skin color) 📷 be sure to have a strong ego & sense of identity, ai generators aren't perfect, results are surprising

Tip #2 - AI Avatars vs AI Headshots

Ai Avatars = a digital representation of a human in a virtual setting.

Ai Headshots = an AI-powered tool that helps users generate digital portraits that resemble real photographs.

"We build the tools, then they build us.” – Marshall McLuhan, Professor & Philosopher

Tip #3 - Remini AI

Remini Ai Avatar. In terms of digitally reconstructing my likeness this one wins by far. The con is that there is no control over the background.

I'll admit, the backgrounds are very creative, but will only work as a headshot if I was a Pyrotechnic Engineer, Astronaut, ...or Professional Angel.

Tip #4 - Facetune AI

Facetune Ai Avatar. Con - I feel like some of my features were overly exaggerated. Pro - Colors are bright and attention grabbing. Good for an influencer profile pic on LinkedIn.

Tip #5 - TryItOn AI

TryItOn Ai Headshots. Pro - As a woman who works from home, I loved that I didn't have to put on a full face of make-up, do hair and dig out an outfit "that fits" to get some pro headshots. I can just leverage the selfies I have from points in time that I already know I was feeling confident. Cons - as with all Ai, there were some pretty funky Ai errors when it came to hair + features + body.

In Closing - Pros and Cons

In short, I think this was a valuable exploration for the cost. It could be a good option if you're low on cash or creativity.

What do you think?

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